English Police ‘Hate-Crimes’ Swat Unit

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Amy’s Video Description

Expressing your hatred of something is criminal to the British government; explaining why you hate something is as well.

The level of violent offences is rising in the United Kingdom, and there seems to be one very simple reason for it: police have been ordered to focus their activities on ‘hate-crimes‘. As we know now, hate-crimes are actually political ‘crimes’ invented by the state, in order to control what you say, write and think. No knife, rape or assault need be involved; just you & your mouth, you & your keyboard, or you & your pen.

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The video below shows an interaction with a YouTube user in England, Amy_CrazyWorld¹, and two English policemen. Apparently ‘Amy’ had recently shouted a ‘homophobic’ remark to a person in a carpark, while that other person was purportedly on the verge of assaulting her. That other person called the police and said that Amy had said something ‘homophobic’ to him.

You will not speak to us, therefore we will investigate this [hate-crime] to the full extent. [English policeman to Amy]

Sure enough two policemen show up (on the Sabbath, no less!) and the video picks it all up from there. The main takeaways are Amy’s incredulousness that police have time for such an innocuous encounter while there is real crime to pursue, and the arrogance and anger inherent in the police. Those police will literally spend hours and days on this one, brief, verbal exchange, that happened in some random carpark in England, in order to ‘get’ Amy. Truly third world stuff.

We don’t know what this is like yet in North America but surely this fascism is on its way here with the constant push of non-crime crimes such as Islamophobia? Just imagine how your average English person lives now – any ‘nothing’ interaction with another, random person in the street, could result in a court date, and perhaps jail. Enjoy. With horror in your heart.


¹ If you look at Amy’s YouTube page, she is a middle-aged lady, but more to the point she likes Trump and has been ‘noticing’ Islamic crime across Europe. Who is to say that the police checked this, and thought they were on to a sure white-supremacist, and that they wanted to nail this ‘bitch’? It could explain the hostile behaviour; now the ‘bitch’ is making them work to get her Trump-loving ass. Nothing political about that at all…

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