Precious Snowflakes Of The Week: Wajahat & Amber Nasim

Winner: Wajahat & Amber Nasim (labelling mortification)

The Daily Mail¹ described the reaction of the Nasim’s using the word, “Fury!” Fury indeed. For if you received a box of pizza with labelling describing the exact food precautions you verbatim gave to the pizza shop – how else is one supposed to react? The Nasim’s were also ‘enraged‘, and naturally the pizza shop is ‘racist‘. Naturally. And presumably Islamophobic. Indubitably. And ‘hateful‘. Oy, enough already…


The story goes that when Amber went to pick up her pizza, the words “LADY WITH MUSLIM HUSBAND” was written on the side. This was done because she asked to keep the pork and non-pork products separate because her “husband is Muslim”. The only problem: the pizza shop wasn’t able to get her name because it was a busy night, but did want to make sure that her food precautions (keep the ham & pork separate) were adhered to and clearly labelled on the box. Awful – I know, right? Why you’d want pork and non-pork products so close together in the same box – well, polite people and dhimmi shops no longer ask basic questions, now do they? That would be…well, you get the point.

Commercial jihad is nothing new. And grown adults above the age of 21 being ‘outraged‘, to the same level as a baby getting his lollypop plucked from his hand, over literally nothing – well, unfortunately this is nothing new either. It seems we are slowly getting used to this juvenile cultural enrichment. Welcome to Texas, y’all!

¹ Daily Mail, Abigail Miller; Fury after Texas Domino’s labels customer’s pizzas ‘lady with Muslim husband’ because she asked for a clean cut due to her husband’s religion


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