The Eighth Addition, Question Time & Manchester

7commandmentThis post is about an episode of BBC’s ‘Question Time‘ meant to ‘discuss’, in a ‘debate’, the Islamic jihad massacre by a devout Muslim in Manchester. This post is about what has become a standard for what discussion and debate means in New New Britain for the New New British. For North Americans, much of this is still alien. So-called ‘hate-speech‘ (e.g a ‘tweet‘) is actually a criminal code violation there, for example. The police will knock on your door. Really.

During the debate, one guy stood up and stated that he was handed a leaflet by officials at an ‘Open Day‘ at the mosque (Didsbury) that the pathetic and murderous Muslim¹ wanker and loser attended. It basically stated that British society sucks. Nutshell. He brought this out as real, tangible evidence at this ‘debate’. There are I think, from the BBC video, two points for people in the free world to take from what the British have come to submit to as debate or dialectic.

  1. The older guy seems impassioned. He seems to know (perhaps from the unofficial right-wing ‘intra-webs‘?) that Islamic texts are indeed anti-British, and anti-everything Western and non-Muslim. He does not seem to have been correctly programmed by the thought-controlled society he currently lives in. He probably went to the mosque purposely on its ‘Open Day‘ in order to find out in person what is actually promulgated to potential future converts to Islam.
  2. The ‘British Elite‘, part of the 6P’s Pretorian Guard*, personified by the host David Dimbleby, actually uses an ad-hominem attack by implying that the old British guy is lying. He said,”We don’t know who handed it to you or who wrote it. That’s the point.” In other words you are lying and you’re obviously racist and an Islamophobe – charges that can lead to actual and real criminal investigations and punishments in New New Britain. Really. A search warrant on your home. Computers. Phones. Bank accounts. Everything. Really.

From the first point, the fact that there are still Englishmen who have not been properly re-educated, is a slight sliver of hope, although we at LL&TNPOS hope that a younger generation still know what John Locke was trying to promote with life, liberty and the pursuit of property, that became enshrined into the Declaration of Independence. A simple philosophy of individual liberty that has progressed mankind’s freedoms for every nation and culture in the world in an extraordinary way.

From the second point, it is absolutely clear that all of the forces of the British civil society have been co-opted and massed against any single person (even an old guy) who would dare to have a different opinion. Not one single dissenting voice, it seems, can now be tolerated.

An eighth commandment to the ‘Animal Farm‘ barn wall has been added in Britain, and many other crypto-communist European nations : ‘The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.’


¹ The pathetic Muslim wanker and loser had memorized all of the Quran, which would include the over 100 verses which directly command violence against the infidel. Don’t worry – anyone can read the entire Quran in about four hours. It’s not big, but it’s full of violence, bigotry, misogyny, and homophobia. And its texts inspire millions. Every day. True that. (PS. If you live in Britain – you might go to jail for ‘linking‘)

* The 6P’s Pretorian Guard: Politicians, police, prosecutors, professors, press, personalities.

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