The Cultural Decay Of Gretna & Emerson


599 Berlin Avenue, Gretna

They sound like a country guitar duo, but Gretna (pop. 541) and Emerson (pop. 689) are two villages that sit right on the United States border in southern Manitoba that are on the frontline of the Great Hijra that started in faraway Europe. This in-migration of people from mainly Muslim-majority, mostly third-world countries, is starting to follow a now-predictable pattern in both the United States and Canada. And here, as in faraway Europe, migrants are being intentionally allowed to move from one safe country to another safe country with impunity.

Reeve Don Wiebe noted during a strategic planning session the four main priorities for the Municipality of Rhineland in 2017: building permits, road maintenance, municipal drains and asset management¹. Then, early in 2017, the Province of Manitoba decided to re-purpose a provincially-owned empty seniors home at 599 Berlin Avenue in Gretna to house migrants from the United States that are illegally crossing the North Dakota border into Canada. Eventually, Weibe and local residents were told about the province’s decision².

The cultural decay that Europe continues to enjoy is indeed moving west, but there are patterns to identify, and results for us to observe, that may save us from this European malaise. All we need to do is notice them and say something: even the local mayor might be involved.

The general political aspects include:

  • Border controls are kept intentionally lax
  • Vetting of migrants is kept intentionally lax
  • Criminality of migrants is obfuscated and excused
  • Unwelcome practices from Islamic texts° are obfuscated and excused
  • Criticism and dissent is mocked, then repressed, and eventually criminalized through,
    • government propaganda
    • media alignment & coverup
    • academic opinion
    • celebrity endorsement
    • speech crime legal codes

The specific political aspects include:

  • secret* federal or state/provincial communications with local mayors, reeves, selectmen, resettlement agencies to agree strategy
  • identification of local under-used, vacant or abandoned properties, or properties with development potential (‘shovel-ready‘)
  • communication of resettlement decision to local residents after the fact

It is no surprise that Rhineland’s focus has quickly and dramatically shifted away from roads, bridges, barn dances and bring-and-buy sales: now they have asked for an RCMP presence in Gretna, as their 2017 priorities forgot to include instituting a local police force – apparently they never needed one before. The cultural decay in villages like Gretna and Emerson is well underway. It could well lend itself to a sad country song, but there’s no reason to believe that a happy ending isn’t possible.

Here’s Faith Goldy from RebelMedia.

¹ Pembina Valley Online, Candace Derksen/ Chris Sumner; Municipality of Rhineland Keys in On 2017 Priorities

² CBC, Marianne Klowak; Manitoba Housing tells Gretna it will host reception centre for asylum seekers

° Injunctions from Islamic texts include, for example, female genital mutilation, sex slavery of female non-Muslims, honour-killings of Muslim female family members; all of these unwelcome practices have been obfuscated and excused by numerous European countries.

* Ann Corcoran has been following these patterns for eight years, and the most troubling aspects remains the secretive discussions between local government officials, senior government, and the charitable and for-profit agencies that move and provide places for migrants to live. [Refugee Resettlement Watch]



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