Bigot Of The Hour: Barack Obama

This is an unconscionably racist video, claiming that we should build a secure border, that we should punish those who hire illegal aliens, and deport those who enter the country illegally. ┬áPeople pouring into the US, it states, undocumented, and un-vetted, are a disgrace, both to America’s generosity and those legally waiting in line to become true American citizens.

This is typical racist Trump, xenophobic Trump, and all of his administration should really…

Oh. Wait. Ah. Ahem. Obama said this. In 2005. Apparently the ‘media’ – well, you know. Er. Forgot. Er – ignored it. Him. Hmm. Well. I see. Alrighty, then.

Hey! “Steve Bannon Wears Women’s Knickers!” ­čś« Everyone – look over here now! Please! Quick! For the love of God, look over here…!!


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