Western Feminist Politicians Willingly Submitting to Islam

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Kathleen Wynne, the inventor of Ontario lesbian electricity (which is apparently five times more expensive than heterosexual electricity for some reason), had to sit all by herself in the mosque with a bag on her female head, while the men, you know, prayed.
Information Liberation, Chris Menahan; ‘Female Ontario Premier Forced To Sit In A Corner While Visiting Mosque’

The Swedish government contingent visiting Iran all had to wear bags on their collective female heads because, you know, there were Muslim men in the same room, or something.
Geller Report, pamela Geller; Sweden’s “first feminist government in the world” parades in hijab submitting to Iran’s Rouhani despite pleas from Iranian women “to stand for their own dignity”

Orange County government workers and teachers all had to wear bags on their collective female heads because, you know, diversity and celebration and such and such. (Who’s the dissenting blonde…!)
SCPR, Rida Hamida; Orange County educators, politicians wear hijabs in solidarity with Muslim women

All Western ‘feminists’. All willingly submitting to Islam. No mention of the second-class status of women in Islam, no mention of female genital mutilation in Islam, and no mention of honour murders in Islam. Thank goodness they are all feminists otherwise this would all be very confusing. No word yet on ‘World No Bag On Female Heads Day‘. Perhaps they’re still working on the menu.



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