Kevin Crehan; Dead For Blasphemy

kevin-crehanThere will be an inquest into how and why Kevin Crehan, two days after Christmas, died while in prison. The people of Britain however may never get the full truth of why this occurred, inquest or not. What is missing though is an inquest into how a man who placed a bacon sandwich on the handle of a mosque came to be in jail in the first place¹.

Crehan was tried in a British court, but using Islamic law, where blasphemy against Islam is punishable by death. The death sentence for blasphemy is not in place in a British court, yet, but the end result for Crehan is exactly the same; Islamic law has been fully appeased².

If pre-1980s British law was used, Crehan would have perhaps been charged with littering and maybe been given a small fine or some community service; jail time would have rightly been seen as absurd and abusive. But the British legal system is not what it once was, and isn’t it funny how jail for a bacon infraction doesn’t seem so absurd any more in modern, progressive New New Britain. Hopefully knowing this new legal reality will help his grieving family come to terms with his premature death.

¹ BBC; ‘Men jailed over bacon tied to Bristol mosque door handles

² BBC; ‘Bacon on mosque offender dies in prison

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