Bigot Of The Hour: Symone Sanders

symone-sandersWinner: Symone Sanders (racial bigotry)

Four African-Americans kidnap, bind, gag, humiliate and torture a mentally-ill young white man over a period of two days. “Fuck Trump” and “Fuck white people” were examples of the kidnappers’ wit and repartee. The response from every human being should be, “This crime is evil and inhuman and these monsters should be punished to the maximum of the law.” Simple. Whether it’s a so-called ‘hate crime‘ or not, who gives a crap. Let the SJWs label whatever real crime they want; that’s their schtick.

However in the current atmosphere in America, cultivated by Obama, the amount of anti-white crime and bias is at catastrophic levels. No matter what study you Google, African-Americans are massively and disproportionately committing violence against other African-Americans, and everyone else for that matter. It is blatantly and common-sensically apparent that the African-American ‘community‘ (if they wish to so self-identify; personally I think all government labels should be scorned) needs to spend the next two years looking inward and unreservedly blame themselves for the sorry state of their ‘community‘ as a great start. With this their might be some chance toward some healing and understanding as to why monsters like these kidnappers exist.

However in the current media environment in America you’d think the exact opposite was true: white people committing violence against African-Americans on a massively disproportionate scale. But this is completely false. No matter, when the right answer is, “This crime is evil and inhuman and these monsters should be punished to the maximum of the law,” Sanders determined to keep up the Big Lie, and blame it on Donald Trump¹. How brave. How original. How outside-the-box. You’re so brilliant, you get the BOTHA™!

The civil society in America today is in a disgusting state. The people have been duly categorized, pigeon-holed and fragmented, the oppressor and oppressed classes have been duly labelled, and none shall transgress the orthodoxy. And the media don’t. And academia won’t. And even the police are reluctant. And it’s just boring frankly; disgusting, but boring.

¹ The Daily Caller, Christian Datoc; ‘Crazy CNN Panelist Blames TRUMP For Kidnapped, Tortured White Man — ‘That Is Not A Hate Crime’ [VIDEO]


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