Bigot Of The Hour: David Hoare

david-hoare-ofsted-chair-1Winner: David Hoare (racial bigotry)

Well done, David! This BOTHA is for you! Thanks for noticing that the Isle of Wight might be a white ghetto [see here]. It’s not, but noticing things is a freedom we all enjoy, right? Wrong. Let’s put David’s comments into context, and replace ‘white’ with ‘black’:

It’s a [black] ghetto; there has been inbreeding. There is a mass of crime, drug problems, huge unemployment. [David Hoare]

So how does that sound, Mr. Hoare? “It’s a black ghetto with inbreeding?” Sounds pretty cool, right Dave? The United Kingdom has ‘noticing crime‘ and thoughtcrime imbued into its legislative framework, so what say you Crown Prosecution Service: ‘crime/no-crime‘? Depends, right? Of course; of course it does. Mr. Hoare is a just a by-product of the progressively socially-engineered utopian paradise that is New New Britain. Try harder next time Dave not to be a racist idiot; we are all God’s children.


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