Bigotry For Me But Not For Thee

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All humans have the capacity to hate. We all have the capacity for bigotry. It is an innate human condition seen in varying degrees in all human beings. To say that certain individuals do not have certain innate human conditions due to accidental characteristics, such as skin tone or genitalia, dehumanizes those individuals is the epitome of bigotry.

As the United States moves into a Donald Trump presidency it seems that acceptable bigotry is on the rise, just as it did after the Brexit vote. The majority of voters that disagreed with Hillary Clinton’s socialism cannot possibly all be white supremacists; this is absurd. The majority of voters that wanted to remove an unelected, unaccountable, expensive layer of bureaucracy in Britain cannot possibly all be white supremacists; this is absurd. This is the epitome of bigotry.

The media it seems are refusing to change even though evidence of corruption has been uncovered in its connections to the Democrat Party. Instead they allow this bigotry to continue on their sites. They have also engaged in the ‘fake news‘ narrative which, conveniently, also tends to close down dissenting viewpoints.

At least we could start with the legacy media calling out bigotry when it occurs – labelling a particular viewpoint ‘bigoted’ and then attributing this to an entire group of people based solely on their skin pigmentation is the epitome of bigotry. Whoever does it, whatever accidental characteristics they have, whatever viewpoints they hold, why not just start calling this out? If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. However I’m not hopeful that the Western so-called elites and so-called free press have it in them to change.


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