Hate-Crime Hoaxing & Fictional Farcical Fabrications

97105f43dc93e33fe610f9d7f52c8185The media love them. They help spread them. They even attempt to prove them to be true when no such assertion could possibly be made. Xenophobic, racist white men: watch out! (And make sure your cameras are rolling…)

The proven-corrupt media are not showing any sign of changing their nasty ways since the election. In fact they are using prior methodologies, as well as newer ones, in order to malign and impugn the American people. European media have played the hate-crime hoax game for many years, its purpose being to promote the narrative of the regressive, angry white man, often tied to a political issue. It was used after Brexit to label British white men as xenophobic and racist; it was used during mass immigration to label German white men as xenophobic and racist; it’s being used here to label American white men as xenophobic and racist.

A fictional farcical fabrication:

Police: Can you tell me what happened?

Victim of a Hate-Crime: Well I was walking on my way home from reading to my blind grandmother…

Police: Alone?

Victim: Yes. Alone. All of a sudden three white guys, with blond military-style haircuts, jumped out of the shadows.

Police: Can you describe them more specifically? Like what they were wearing.

Victim: Yes, as I said they were white, that’s very important, and they had light-brown hair and crew-cuts. They were all wearing white t-shirts that said, “I Hate Niggers*” on them. Oh, and underneath there was a swastika. Oh, and I think one of them was wearing a cross.

Police: OK. Anything else? How old?

Victim: They were very old, mid-thirties. Oh, and one of them was wearing a red baseball cap that said, “Make America Great Again.” They were holding a gun, a baseball bat and a…knife! Yes, a knife!

Police. Right. And what did they do? What happened next?

Victim: They started taunting me, pulling at my headscarf and they were saying racial things. Then two of them went over to that wall over there and scrawled that message there, see? It says, “I Hate Muslims!” And they knew I was Muslim, because of my hijab.

Police: One of the perpetrators wrote that message on the wall?

Victim: Yes! It definitely wasn’t me! Because I saw one of them go over to the wall and write it — probably using the chalk that is here in my hand. It’s not my chalk. I found it. Near the message. On the floor. Just now.

Police: OK. What else did they say and do to you?

Victim: Well, like I said they were pulling at my niqab, and they were saying, “Go back to where you came from,” and “We hate terrorists around here,” and “We think you’re a terrorist because you’re a Muslim.”

Police: OK. Now I assume you mightt have got a lot of this on your cell phone? Video, audio?

Victim: Er, no. I…it was on low power. No. I actually forgot it. Somewhere. I didn’t have it with me.

Police: Any witnesses?

Victim: No. Like I said I was completely alone. Only I saw this racist incident on this busy street.

Police: OK. If that’s it I’ll file the report.

Victim: Good. And I just want to say that this isn’t going to make America great again, and Donald Trump should apologize for inflaming community tensions and spreading hate.

A complete fictional, farcical fabrication, but it’s surprising how often tales like this are being reported as undisputed fact: the lack of evidence, the lack of witnesses, the lack of video and audio, the discordant reference to certain politics, both from the victims and the media.

As far as journalism goes, this is disgusting gutter press. They know this is agitating, they know it might be real hate or it might be a hoax – but go with it 99 times out of 100 in any case as if it’s real, and will be definitely proven to be who the victim claims, and who the media wants, them to be. As far as the perpetrators of these hate crime hoaxes go¹, is there anything as disgusting to our ideals of liberty than this?

All bigotry is pathetic and useless. Sadly, all human beings are capable of idiotic bigotry: white, black, orange, Christian, Muslim – doesn’t matter. But it does matter to the media. If we were to see balance — in other words hate crimes hoaxes committed by all kinds of people with almost zero evidence, and the media covering them equally — then it wouldn’t be as much of a bias issue. Because it might be true; it might not².

The juvenile (and socially dangerous) attempt to continue to label all white men as xenophobic and racist is getting very tired at this point. Very tired. The hate crime hoax phenomenon is just an additional way to continue this racist narrative.

¹ Breitbart, John Binder; ‘Muslim Student Charged for Trump Hate Crime Hoax
² Express; ‘Muslim Gwinnett teacher told to ‘hang yourself’ with her headscarf
Fake Hate Crimes
Hate Crime Hoaxes – Reddit

* I apologize for the language but it is a fiction, we do have free speech and we are all over 5.

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