Bigot Of The Hour: Musleh Khan

musleh-khanWinner: Musleh Khan (sexual bigotry)

To serve and protect indeed! Toronto Police chaplain Khan’s 2013 YouTube video series concerning Islamic practices included ‘The Heart of the Home‘, which went over the rights and responsibilities of the Muslim wife. Well, if you know your Islamic texts we all know where this is headed: requiring permission to leave the home, cover yourself if you do, obedience in all matters, especially when your husband wants sex, under-age marriage, and that all-time favourite, ‘beatings‘! No worries though, because Khan has his shizzle under control. He’s either trained in taqqiya when any infidel pest comes a-knocking, or he knows someone who does. Take for example his definition of ‘obedience‘ as it relates to the poor, benighted wife:

I realise how someone unfamiliar with this nuance [that ‘obedience’ actually means yielding to an authority figure] can misunderstand my imprecise translation to mean something different to my intended meaning, and the meaning that I know my audience at the time understood clearly. [Musleh Khan]

Yo, go easy with that taqqiya-signalling, Holmes; this is sounding like a Clintonian definition of what “is” is! Just for further deliberate obfuscation, Khan explained that the Arabic word often translated as “obedience” in fact denotes loyalty, devotion and love.

Obedience is also defined as “loyalty, devotion and love”? Funny how so many hundreds of millions of Muslim men from all around the world get this simple definition so utterly wrong, and define obedience as, well, ‘obedience‘!

As expected the Toronto Police have no problem keeping Khan on the force for the moment; the only problem is that we no longer really know who or what he is actually serving or protecting – but at least now we’ve got a pretty good idea.

CBC, Shanifa Nasser, Natalie Nanowski; ‘Toronto Police chaplain speaks out after online comments on women’s ‘obedience’ draw concern

TheRebel, Faith Goldy; ‘Musleh Khan must be removed from his new position as the Muslim Chaplain for the Toronto police

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