BBC: ‘Project Fear Trump’

The BBC is a great European bellwether of what the media believes its current mission is, and what its current mission concerning the election is blatantly to get Hillary Clinton into the White House. After the BBC’s epic failure in spending its vast resources to push defy Brexit with ‘Project Fear‘, it doesn’t want to be seen as a two-time loser. So, with the unprecedented investigations into the Clinton ‘Circle of Trust‘, let’s take a look at their US Election 2016 front page as of right now.


Trump has one headline that could be taken as a clear positive, ‘The factory that symbolizes Trump’s appeal’, whereas Clinton has two clear positives, ‘Clinton: Vote for fairer America’ and ‘Waiting 96 years to vote for a woman”. However, dig down behind the headlines and we find out the the Chelsea headline is a actually a puff-piece, and the ostensibly neutral ‘Canadians’ headline starts out with the heads-up, “The USA’s northern neighbour looks on the Republican candidate with a mixture of horror and fascination.”

So just taking these into account (even the ‘Who’s Going To Win’ is not neutral), we have positive stories: CLINTON: 4, TRUMP: 1. Unprecedented FBI investigation? 4-1? Well, there you have it. Well, we shall see if ‘Project Fear Trump‘ will be a similar Brexit embarrassment.

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