What Race Is “Islam”? MENA, You Racist!


A new race?

A new federal law that would specifically favour one religion, you say? Isn’t that against the Constitution, I ask? Sure it is, but we can do what we want, isn’t that right Number 2?

Yes, MENA; ‘Middle East/North African’ to be precise. This story¹ could be placed under the theme of “Why didn’t we think of this before?” or ‘You know there’s a world government when…‘ But doh! moments and conspiracy theories aside, there are people out there who just love fundamentally transforming things and have the wherewithal and drive to do it.

All around the world it seems that critics of Islam are being shut down by shouting, ‘Racist’! It’s the last thing anyone wants. In some countries it’s a crime. And it works, although it shouldn’t as Muslims have many races. f there is a Dr. Evil out there whose evil plan it is to Islamize the West, you know, for evil S&Gs, then the constant refrain of “What race is Islam?” must have even upset Mr. Bigglesworth. Well, now it won’t.

The Arab population in this geographic region is around 93% Muslim, while diaspora claiming this nomenclature could reduce this percentage as it includes Christians, Jews, and Yazidis fleeing Muslim MENA persecution from that region. This is for all intents and purposes a Muslim legal initiative; the 7% who are non-Muslim will be nothing more than statistical noise.

So, race-baiting lawyers, citizen hatecrime catchers and pandering poltiicians, get ready for a MENA discrimination situation coming to your town soon!

¹ PJ Media, Robert Spencer; ‘White House Proposes Official NEW RACE: ‘Middle East/North African


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