Speech Crime Laws: Britain Tops The World!

cropped-watching-youFor every stern look of the face, for every offensive word, for every hurtful gesture, Britain has a crime for that. This article¹ looks at the trumped-up notion that everyone in Britain suddenly became an overnight racist post-Brexit; stern looks, offensive words and hurtful gestures were everywhere it seemed. Although the populist fraud regularly occurring in Britain’s ‘hate crimes’ racket have a long history², it was one of the quotes in the article that triggered my Room 101 snowflake sensibilities.

[The hate crime action plan] sets out how we are further reducing hate crime, increasing reporting and improving support for victims. Our hate crime laws are among the best in the world, but we cannot be complacent. [Amber Rudd, Home Secretary]

“Hate crime action plan”? Ouch, that’s going to hurt. Rudd also ominously stated that she will “…stamp it out.” Ouch, it is going to hurt. In any case Britain, take a bow, “Best in the World”! Just don’t be too complacent about it.

¹ BBC;’ Race and religious hate crimes rose 41% after EU vote
² Telegraph, Andrew Gilligan; ‘Muslim hate monitor to lose backing

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