Please, Please, For Goodness Sakes…Not The Gravy!


Could this be gravy’s last stand?

We all know by now that every elitist and politician has mutually pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honour (but not their grants, salaries & pensions) in their quest for independence from tyrannical weather. We also know that normal people’s fears do not include cumulus congestus, lifting condensation levels or popcorn convection, or in fact anything remotely to do with the weather¹. We have known for some time that when it comes to global warming there are no positives².

It’s All Bad, All The Time, For Everything & Everyone, Everywhere! [LL&TNPOS]

Seeing that no one cares about the weather, elites and politicians have to continue to tell us daily that our biggest fear must be climate change; it has to be, or else, and thus ‘forced agreement‘ [see here] has been underway for years to convince us through fiat.

All of this said, with the killer bees, and the rising seas, with the melting glaciers in far-off places, please, please, not the gravy³!

¹ WUWT, Anthony Watts; ‘Survey lists Top 10 American Fears – government corruption is #1, global warming doesn’t make the cut
² MRC, Tim Graham; ‘Mark Levin: You Won’t Believe Brignell’s List of Global Warming Effects
³ BBC; ‘Premier Foods’ gravy and pudding sales hit by hot weather

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