Saving Your Bacon

wpid-quran-translation-pdfOnce again, new, modern, progressive Britain, shocks the world with just how far its common law has deteriorated in its futile effort to incorporate Islamic sharia law. Placing bacon on door handles and shouting stuff is a year in prison now in the British police state [see here]; before the Age of Cultural Enrichment, it might have garnered, what, a littering fine? Thanks to that handiest of regulatory favourites of the British police state, ‘racial aggravation’, any police department, any judge, can decided where, when and (most importantly) to whom jail time punishment applies.

Not to worry though for those that think bacon-product placement and shouty people should be punished more fulsomely (and amazingly, there are), because Britain may be introducing even tougher sentencing soon [see here]. Voltaire famously stated that if you want to know who (or which legal code) rules over you, just determine who (or which legal code) you are not allowed to criticize. Common law and Islamic sharia are fighting a duel to the death in Britain, and, as Oscar Wilde possibly remarked, one of them’s got to go.


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