A Tale Of Two Rapes: Judge Amjad Nawaz

Amjad-NawazJudge Amjad Nawaz is a confused man; it seems he just can’t get his rapes straight. In case number one, in April 2016 [see here], a filthy rapist gets eight years in jail. Good. In case number two, in July 2016 [see here], a filthy rapists gets no years in jail. What? Filthy rapist #1 was an old white (agnostic?) guy; filthy rapist #2 was an old Muslim guy. You see, filthy rapist #2 served his Muslim community for 25 years. So there. What else could it indicate, you racist?

One thought on “A Tale Of Two Rapes: Judge Amjad Nawaz

  1. obviously inciting hate, arrogance, that clearly insults the decent in society, from an obviously very perverted judge, brings about a public, sick of having their beleifs insulted by another religion, that clearly has no concept of decency, principle, or self respect, simply lead by the perverted, and debauched


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