The War on (Battered) Women

It is as plain as day that the so-called war on women is being perpetrated in countries where English is not the dominant language, Christianity is not the dominant religion, or the Western heritage is not the dominant culture. For today’s very, very brave social justice warriors, it’s just easier to pretend that the war is in fact happening in San Antonio, rather than Saudi Arabia. Makes sense; what coddled Western female wants to demonstrate bare-breasted in Mecca, when Memphis is so much easier when staying free and alive is important?

In light of this, today’s inspirational video is in the continuous series in how Muslims should beat their wives. Interesting in this video is when the talent wearing the tea towel on his head points out how women can be in the wrong with their husbands by asserting they have equal rights to the man [3:25]. The nerve!

The most disturbing part of course is that all of what he says is exact, orthodox and mainstream Islamic law and practice; absolutely normal in the Muslim culture.



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