The Sad Tale of Matthew Doyle (UK Fascist Police State – II)


I wrote recently about Britain officially being a police state [see here], one in which the British police can arrest you for saying something they think someone (including themselves) may not like. But heck, the folks in the UK don’t seem to believe that they are in a speech-controlled utopia. They think that police in Canada and the United States also arrest people for thoughtcrime violations. It’s extremely odd behaviour.

Anyways, poor Matthew Doyle lives in this police state. Here’s the piece of writing that got him in trouble with the UK Criminal Code:

I confronted a Muslim woman yesterday in Croydon. I asked her to explain Brussels. She said ‘Nothing to do with me.’ A mealy mouthed reply. [Matthew Doyle]

Yeah, I know right? ‘Enemy of the People‘ Matthew Doyle wrote this in the aftermath of the recent Islamic jihadi attack on Brussels by purist┬áMuslims. Well, the folks in the UK now totally believe this kind of writing is a crime and took to the social airwaves to protest this criminal behaviour. Soon after, the police (yes, the police!) actually knock on ‘Monster‘ Matthew’s door and arrest him (yes!!) and then charged him (yes!!!) with some sort of convenient thoughtcrime they have all over Europe now for bastards like Matthew ‘The Devil‘ Doyle.

The police in the UK were now in a legal position to ransack his apartment and to confiscate all of his electronic equipment and any documents that they considered to be evidence of the “crime”. That’ll teach ‘Mad‘ Matt (and any other Brit) to write things down that we don’t like!

The aftermath of this story is as pathetic as the before-math. Doyle is now back-pedalling on his threat to sue the police (not for the thoughtcrime per se, but for how the thoughtcrime was prosecuted!). He is now also pleading mental insanity [see here]. Oy.

North America is still fairly free. It’s getting worse but you don’t get arrested and charged and have your home turned upside down for writing a piece as bland as that by Matthew ‘The Crazy Crazy-Man‘ Doyle with his sad tale of woe.




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