BASE™ – Bigotry; Acceptable & Socially Engineered

Academy_Award_trophyAnd it is base. In just a few synonymous turns, this new, improved and progressive bigotry is vile, vulgar and disgusting. Yet we accept it: needless to say in a total societal sense. As individuals, for that we are, I hope to think that the vast majority of us are disgusted that we are associated with such bigoted hatred.

This subtle bigotry is in the news now all time. As such, it is easy to fall under the sway that this awful bigotry could ever become acceptable to normal and free individuals. And this bigotry is explained by, “It’s OK because…” Because why? Because this current hatred and bigotry is – “different”? Different.

There has been a societal bigotry against paler-skinned, male, heterosexual, Christian, able-bodied, Anglo-Saxon individuals for some time. Without getting into argumentative realms it seems reasonable from the European experience that this has been in place for about thirty years. A generation, if not more. The demarcation for Europe (and in some senses more-liberal Canada) seems to be the inculcation of “multi-culturalism”. This multi-cult naturally spread through Europe and throughout the English-speaking world quickly, like your average mediaevel plague.

I am not a scholar in multi-cult (e.g. a PhD in Multicultural Studies) but it seems that certain individuals, in certain positions of influence, hyped this concept. A kind of received zeitgeist on multi-cult seems to have arisen around the 1980s, perhaps sweeping back and forth 10 years.

At this time, in a cultural sense, we would hear less about how wonderful England, Canada, the US and Australia, was, but we would then hear more about how equal (or superior) were cultures from almost anywhere else in our world. Especially where the English-speaking world had spread their very normal and very average culture within cultures that were equal and perhaps superior. And maybe very superior. And by ‘spread’ of course we mean “viscously, with malice-aforethought,” and also with “condescending authoritarianism,” along with “brutal colonialism,” and outright “bigoted disdain.” I could go on, as could my PhD colleague in Multicultural Studies might. But I won’t.

What we are experiencing is bigotry. It is dressed up. It has its Hollywood Reception pants and skirts on. It has its Politically Correct opinions and editorials. All proper like. But it’s bigotry. And it’s evil.



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