Oscars So Very Proportionate

IMG_0435I’m sorry but #OscarsSoProportionate just won’t make it. With kudos to the oft-socialist Economist, here’s their graphic showing that if we must divide human beings into skin tones (and some must, will and do), then the proportion of darker-skinned Americans* (top graphic bar) compared to darker-skinned actors receiving Oscar wins (bottom bar) is proportionate, even overly so.

Not “so-this way” or “so-that way”. Just so not any way but normal, predictable and nauseatingly boring and dull. This socially-acceptable bigotry has become so prevalent, and almost a status symbol in polite society, that paler-skinned North Americans (many pejoratively call these people the “whites”) can be abused to almost any extent [see here].

Oh, and now can we call out all of those bigots and racists calling out people with paler and perhaps more saggy skin, perhaps with male chromosomes? Spike? Hey Spike? Spike!! We, the people, await your apology. With contempt. And an oxygen mask. And wait until the next race-baiting crap is puked up onto us.

* There has been an undercurrent of not including individuals with an “Asian” heritage within the rubric of “person of colour”. The common understanding is that this is done in a socio-economic way because as a minority, individuals of an Asian heritage are often massively over-represented in a very positive socio-economic way. This is not good for the skin-tone divider. Therefore “Asians” (I know, I know – but that’s how socialists demand we divide people) are often not allowed into the especial ‘Person of Colour Club”. Perhaps in the Oscars sense they could at least be honorary members, just for the Awards Ceremony.



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