Too Big To Cancel™

The Too Big To Cancel™ climate caravan will be rolling into Paris November 30th, because, of course, “If not, terrorism wins [see here]…” I’m more of the ilk that if it goes ahead we all lose a little more, but anyways. So as the show will go on I wanted to include this graphic to mull how far global warming has progressed into its own mockery of real science.

You start with the conclusion that human kind is evil and bad, then use the CO2 premise to punish them. And then you just go on from there until you get to dogmatic and unyielding, passing through grandiose claims and hostility to skeptics along the way. Yes indeed, the Fifth Republic marches on! Once the various western bureaucracies have instituted regulations making it almost impossible to build a modern automobile, we the people can proudly face the Islamic jiahdis and shout, “WE WIN!”


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