A French Statement

AIR_B-1B_Dropping_WCMDs_lgAfter the Islamic jihad attacks on Paris, Friday, an unbelievable statement is coming out of CEMAA (Chief of Staff of the French Air Force):

 …and after we turn off the blue, red and white light bulbs, put out the tea candles, collect the teddy bears, down-trend the hashtag campaigns and roll the ‘Imagine‘ piano away, we are going to reign down a massive and terrific unholy hellfire on the entire Islamic shit hole of Raqqa and raze it to the ground, leaving no trace to history except for a big empty hole…

Hold on a second. The quote has some inaccuracies in it. Just have to check my sources. It seems it was all made up. By me. Just now. However there might be some accuracy to the teddy bears and tea candles bit. Sorry about that. I guess it is unbelievable. Although Hollande is deploying the military, in Paris [see here], we’ll see what actually unfolds in the Assyrian lands where God promised the land of Canaan to Abraham.

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