Non-Crime Crime

Utrecht_Oude_Gracht_Hamburgerbrug_(LOC)In Europe, a hodgepodge of unified cultures at best, there was at least a sense of civility, what it meant to be a civilization, a common thread, a civil society, over many centuries. Blips here and there, for sure. For us in the Anglosphere, we tend to look at civil society through what we are convinced are naturally supreme cultural achievements, whether in the Magna Carta or the Declaration of Independence. We are just totally awesome. And it wouldn’t hurt anyone else, even outside the Europena ‘Continent‘, to adopt our fantastic way of life and culture.

But now that the ‘Anglos‘ of England have adopted real and nasty thoughtcrime laws (world-famous), it’s getting harder to feel superior when the Continent is implementing non-crime crimes. What’s a non-crime crime? Well, let’s look at it from the Hebrew part of the Bible where we have the basic anti-crime commandments:

  • don’t kill
  • don’t covet
  • don’t lie
  • don’t steal

We immediately recognize these. It makes sense to the Western, or Christian (or Jewish) mind. Islam is different. You can contradict all of the above commandments, as long as you’re advancing Islam and it’s against a filthy infidel. These crimes are not crimes to the Muslim mind. Not All Muslims Are Jihadis™.

What is a crime? Well, pictures. Having an opinion. For starters. Here’s modern Holland today, in Utrecht [see here]. The Dutch police actually thought their main act of policing was to clear the area of…pictures. And then those with opinions. Non-crime crime: it’s going to get really busy for European police.

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