If You See Something, Do Nothing

The Insides of an Old Radio Shack Alarm Clock (Ahmed's "Invention")

The Insides of an Old Radio Shack Alarm Clock (Ahmed’s “Invention”)

The good people over at the Department of Homeland Security are very proprietary with the “If You See Something, Say Something,” motto. It has a trademark superscript after it. The category, “Unusual items or situations,” is included as a suspicious activity in one of the department’s pages [see here].

Now, some days after the obvious ‘victim hoax’ perpetrated by the teenager Ahmed Mohamed, and no doubt orchestrated by his activist father, Mohamed Mohamed [sic], we’re seeing what happens in a well-developed false-flag ‘Islamophobia‘ event. Why these things happen can often run away into conspiracy theories too muddy to even contemplate. But the ancillary events surrounding this event, including the media response, the political response, the immediate family response, the perpetrator (Ahmed) response, the father (Mohamed, a 9/11 conspiracy believer) response and even the sister, another lesser-known school hoax-bomb perpetrator, seem too well-timed, well-scripted, and well-supported. It seems too, well, “too“. As with many things human, being imperfect creatures that we are, the timing and the scripts and the support for this event are full of imperfections. Some, like Ahmed’s passive-aggressive attitude with police, and Barack Obama’s seconds-after-the-event endorsement – well, what to say?

Here’s the boys at PJ Media as they saw it.


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