Justin Case of Trouble, Break NTDWI

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau (NTDWI Caucus)

I’m not sure any of our current Western leaders are theological scholars in Islam. Why then do they all continue to repeat a theme, that with the acronym, NTDWI (Nothing To Do With Islam), is almost a cliche at this point? There is a concern by many in the West that our institutions have been compromised by those practising stealth jihad. This form of jihad happens when the number of Muslims in a society are not enough to physically or violently intimidate the general population.

Here’s Justin Trudeau after the jihad shooting yesterday:

We deserve answers to how and why this happen. They will be vital in preventing any potential future attack. To our friends and fellow citizens in the Muslim community, Canadians know acts such as these committed in the name of Islam are an aberration of your faith. Continued mutual cooperation and respect will help prevent the influence of distorted ideological propaganda posing as religion. We will walk forward together, not apart. [see here]

Q1: Justin, why did you pick out the Muslim population of Canadians as the one group of citizens that must avoid “backlash syndrome”? This shooting was NTDWI, right? Is it because you have been told that non-Muslim Canadians are now all too wary of the connection between Islam and violence against non-Muslims around the world?

Q2: Justin, why would you say that this jihadi attack was an “aberration of the [Islamic] faith” when the Quran alone has over 100 verses commanding the Muslim to inflict violence on the non-believer [see here]? Is it because you have been told that non-Muslim Canadians are now all too wary of the connection between violent verses in the Quran and their exact reenactment in places around the world?

For the most part though Canadians, and others doused in the extremely rare “freedom experience”, are now wondering why these leaders continue to repeat this tired phrase. Is it because the ‘Islam Isn’t Islam’ motif [see here] is necessary because no one actually likes Islam that has to actually ‘live Islam’ in their daily lives? Male individuals within true Islamic states can afford themselves a degree of, well, let’s call it temporal “happiness”: child sex slaves, killing people, stealing stuff – all good fun (and totally in-line with Mohammed’s jive).

So do these leaders say the NTDWI-word because so many Muslims are actually looking to break out into Christianity, Buddhism, atheism, feminism, or actually anything that isn’t Islam? The clash between Islam and the West continues, but one thing for sure is that Islam, probably in its 1,400 year-history, is now experiencing its biggest and most serious scrutiny ever in spite of the pathetic NTDWI panderings of many leaders.

Will it survive this scrutiny, or will it survive long enough to make the inroads necessary where outright civil conflict happens? And another thing, will this scrutiny spread? Sure they say there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, but once individuals under the rule of Islam are relieved of the death-threats, violence to all non-Muslims, honour killings, FGM, gay hangings, misogyny – how many do you think would want to remain within the Religion of Peace? A curious ironic situation is that the Saudi attempt to install Islam within the West may in fact be the beginning of the end of a truly horrific ideology and the end of Islam as we know it.

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