Andrea Mitchell Assumes Canadian Bigotry as Ferguson Implodes

Andrea Mitchell (MSNBC)

Andrea Mitchell (MSNBC)

Well, let’s face it, as the “facts” come out in the Ferguson case;

  • how Officer Wilson told the truth,
  • how Eric Holder tried to bias public opinion against the ‘white’ officer and incited racial animus,
  • how Eric Holder tried to withhold video evidence of the store assault and robbery by Brown,
  • how Eric Holder knew the truth about the assault on Wilson but did not disclose this,

and now that all of these real “facts” are now coming out, left-wing networks continue an attempt to divide people. The fact that Mitchell would attempt to move the bigotry angle up to Canada is perhaps an indication of the “Try to Find Racism Everywhere” narrative that is presumably now endemic within the American MSM. Hey Andrea – Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada, was one of the major crossing hubs for the Underground Railway! You know, where blacks moved to in an attempt to be free. You remember freedom right?

“Backlashophobia”, a clever term invented by others in the anti-jihadi movement, is now a constant theme along with NTDWI [see here] in the anti-anti-jihadi media. Thanks Andrea [see here], but Vickers blew the jihadi cockraoch’s brains out (hopefully) and we in Canada are all diversely, inclusively, multiculturally and accommodatingly glad the Islamic jihadi SOB got boomed!

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