Tim & Julian

ImageI’m not sure what Ann Coulter was trying to convey in her recent post [see here] concerning the World Cup. Perhaps it was something to do with ‘We Hate King George’, noting of course that football did not exist until the late 1800’s in England. Perhaps football is an affront to the Declaration or the Constitution? Seems hard to believe – football didn’t exist then either, although the pursuit of happiness is pretty clear in that anyone can pursue the beautiful game even if it’s only for the individual.

Whatever Coulter’s real motives are, and this includes her shout-down to “recent immigrants” who may enjoy watching soccer and the “moral decay” it forebodes, Julian Green, through the Declaration, through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, was expressing his personal pursuit of happiness. And he succeeded. Here are some Americans in Brooklyn expressing their happiness for Julian.


Thank you to all those American football players that pursued their own individual dream of happiness within this particular sport and gave all of us some very good things to shout about. And instead of a shout-down, here’s a special shout-out to Tim Howard, of Everton FC, and his heroic goal-keeping performance heard around the world [see here].

Ann – I know you attempt at times to preserve and conserve, but sometimes, as is this article, you miss the entire point of the freedoms enshrined through the first thinkers in America. Sport, however flawed or superficial, is something any individual can pursue, regardless of the liberal shout-downs, regardless of colour, race, religion and all of the other labels that free people despise. In Julian’s case it’s quite simple Ann: he’s a goal-scorer, an achiever, and an American hero. I guess you have a right to also express disgust. But why this? Why now? And why people like Tim & Julian? So there.


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