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Liverpool Echo

Goodison Park

For the first time an English Premier League club [see here] has banned, indefinitely, a customer (fan) from its games. Everton FC assert that in their opinion tweets made by this fan were homophobic and racist. The unnamed fan (deleted Twitter handle @WhereAreYeEFC) may be allowed back but this is unclear. Social media suggests that Everton did this, á la Los Angeles Clippers, for what can be only be assumed to be multicultural brownie points. Once again we here at LLATNPOS are clear to admit that the comments were ignorant and stupid and had racial overtones. But where does this stop? And who decides?

Just to be clear then (because liberalism apparently takes incandescent genius to understand), a business (like Everton) can refuse service to a customer (like @WhereAreYeEFC) based on what the customers says about race or sexual orientation, but a business (like Masterpiece Cake Shop [see here]) cannot refuse service to a customer based on what homosexual product (in this a cake for a homosexual wedding union) the customer wants you to supply. Clear? No, me neither…

This “getting us all equal and stuff” thing seems decidedly one-sided and biased a lot of the time, innit*!

* English-langauge patois for ‘isn’t it’


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