Bringing Home the Bacon


Chelsea Lambie & Douglas Cruickshank.

An assault occurred at the Edinburgh Central Mosque on January 31st. Assault is a crime under centuries-old common law. Was anyone physically assaulted? No. But apparently the entire Muslim community (geographic scope unknown) was assaulted.

Although not physical this assault is just as bad as if it was a mental assault if you will. Who was mentally assaulted – what is his name? Well, that’s just it – it’s everyone that is Muslim. This evidentiary fact, presumably on behalf of all Muslims, was asserted by the mosque security guard.

Common law has been practised in the British Isles for many centuries. However it has never had to deal with an Islamic life-system. Therefore, in order to attempt to incorporate an Islamic life-system into the Judeo-Christian ethical model of morality used in the past to define ‘crime’, it seems jolly old Scotland has had to come up with some very creative ways to define and capture “new crime”. This is not indigenous to Scotland of course; the Islamic life-system is abutting the judiciary in many countries using Western systems of law. Sharia law demands supremacy and if Western laws do not adhere to the Islamic life-system it must give way and accommodate.

No one had been murdered. No one has been raped. No one has been physically assaulted. No one has had their stuff stolen. And no one, it seems, has had to undergo intensive psychiatric therapy as a result of these actions. Whether through the fear of reprisal and name-calling (racist, ‘Islamophobe’, etc.), ignorance or complicit obfuscation of the life-system of Islam, the stealth jihad within the authority systems of Britain itself, the people of Britain now have much to fear from her judiciary.

Step back and think. These actions, as stupid, puerile and rude as they obviously are – are they truly license to put people in prison for a long time? If this is the test, and naturally social engineering demands that only certain citizens will receive such tests, are we to assume that a massive prison expansion program will be needed for future acts of such stupidity and rudeness?

And Muslims! You were most likely adopted into this life-system by your parents and family. As we have seen, it can be extremely dangerous trying to get out and enter into a different religion. This, as always, is not against you – it is for you. It is for everyone, and it advances the human right that allows every individual on this Earth to have a free will and a free choice. That’s all.

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