There Is No News


A free society is one where liberty is endowed to the individual and limits government of the individual. English philosophy and the American founding in the 1700s remain the touchstone of current North American conservative thought. The media, or press, are a natural extension of this type of society. If a reporter sees an injustice to the liberty of another individual or group then this is “newsworthy” – it conveys information that is important to people in a free society.

An un-free society is one where “rights” are conveyed or curtailed by an unlimited government to groups or collectives. Examples of these collectives include religion, political viewpoint, age, sex, skin tone, sexual preference and disability inter alia. The media in this society has the much simpler role of corroborating the actions of the government. As such there is no “news”.

So what happens when a once-free society trends towards an un-free society? Well, based on history and evidence I would think that the media would go from reporting on actual news and instead focus more on how the government is getting it right when it comes to “collective rights”. Keep this in mind when reading the so-called mainstream media. The way they now report is quite simply a natural correlation to the type of society we are creating.

Also, keep in mind the words of William Blake in his The Everlasting Gospel:

Socrates taught what Melitus

Loathd as a Nation’s bitterest Curse;

And Caiphas was in his own Mind

A benefactor to Mankind.

Both read the Bible day & night,

But thou readst black where I read white.

What Blake is saying in effect is that we need to start reading the white parts of a news article, i.e. between the lines. It is the news untold that will become more and more important as the trend towards socialism increases.

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