Mitigating Child Rape

Rashid-admitted-at-Nottingham-Crown-Court-pictured-that-he-had-sex-with-a-13-year-old-after-she-tempted-himIgnorance of the law, as Mr Bumble once fictionally found out, is no excuse. However today, in modern, progressive Britain, apparently it can be. And I say can because it really all depends on your religion. It’s actually the fault of British law for not being able to keep up with the changing times, you see.

Nottingham Crown Court decided to eschew the usual four-year jail term for 18-year old child-rapist Adil Rashid and instead offered no punishment as his punishment. He just didn’t know that his religious law was at odds with those of western society, you see.

Are we to assume then that further child rapes committed by members of this “un-named for legal reasons” mosque can also use their religion as a mitigating factor? You really have to feel sorry for the people of Britain with their once world-reknowned legal system in utter tatters.

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