Justice Needed for Attawapiskat’s 99%

attawapiskat reserve housingWe can only assume that the amazing fish soup, moose stew, weight-increasing “hunger strike” she was on has left her fully capable of standing in front of a judge. We can only assume that the laws of Canada still include penitentiary-time for embezzlers of public funds. We can only assume that what Chief Spence perpetrated upon the hapless citizens of Attawapiskat is far beyond a breach of her public trust, it is a human rights abuse. To think that she has stolen ten’s of millions of dollars meant for the housing and social programs for this small hamlet’s inhabitants (or ‘temporarily borrowed‘) and still is not in custody of any kind is a travesty.

We know why of course. She is part of the 1%, the elite, the chiefdom and its reservation courtiers. Her and her ilk have been abusing their fellow reservationists for decades. And of course if she is found guilty of anything, then the whole Indian House will crumble. The 99% of Indians that do not have access to large bags of unmarked cash are the real victims; victims at the hands of this over-privileged, under-indicted and under-accountable leaders. With the Idle No More [see here] movement collapsing faster than the roofs under Spence’s care, it’s time for the legal infrastructure to deliver justice.


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