Green Science & Governance

For hundreds of years science has improved man’s place in the world beyond belief. In the west since the 1600s the world of a hundred years hence would have been filled with unimaginable wonders. Today’s scientists however are presenting the world of a hundred years hence as hopeless. Considering how we’ve overcome problems in the past with scientific brilliance it is disturbing how atmospheric temperatures being a couple of degrees higher or lower has stumped today’s scientific geniuses.

All of the “solutions”  below are more socialistic than scientific:

  • global deindustrialization
  • worldwide government intervention
  • coercion of the marketplace
  • coercion of the individual
  • increased taxation
  • redistribution of wealth between the richer and poorer nations

Why does the solution offered by science and enforced by governments involve lives that are nastier, more brutal and shorter than they are today? It just doesn’t make sense that the “cure” is far more horrific than tolerating or adapting to a changing temperature. But I suppose when you have government-granted scientists, money-transferring politicians, left-leaning academics and crony-capitalist corporations working in a self-perpetuating system, anything is possible.

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