Windsor Star: The Daily Fascist

Commenter: Dana Giedriunas, Tecumseh

Our next fascistic letter comes from Dana. Achtung Baby! Do it!

I’m assuming this is related to our COVID-19 experience.

Dana starts off easy, with a nice little reference to the ‘us and them’ paradigm; this is entirely correct: there’s us (and Dana rightly sides with the righteous here), and them. Them. Them! Urgh!

It is the 15 per cent of Canadians I feel who are keeping the entire country hostage because they refuse to follow the rules of hand washing, wearing proper masks, getting vaccinated or self-distancing.

This is glorious boilerplate! There’s absolutely no wrongthink in Dana’s mind! This diatribe against them could have been extracted right from any party-speech from any minister of health you could name. Along with this, there’s the always-appropriate terrorist-reference, that keeps our anger and frustration directed at them evil-doers. In an actual speech, we would expect Dana to spit on the ground at this point. And a citizen-voter refusing to believe their beneficent government leaders? Impossible!

The government gave us many tools to help maintain health.

Our government is all-knowing, all-caring, and gives us things, from their own pockets, to make us better and healthier citizen-voters. Sometimes a simple sentence can be the most powerful. Wonderful stuff, Dana!

If people followed these simple rules…

Because if you can’t follow every single one of the government’s ever-changing, illogical, contradictory, but nevertheless simple rules, perhaps you are not intelligent enough to remain within civilized society, with all the clever people. Off to the insane asylum with you!

Today, primarily unvaccinated are filling the hospitals.

Is this true? Is it not true? How can we tell? Does anyone really know? Well, we just have to listen to our betters in order to know what the truth is! Simple! As Der Führer said in Mein Kampf, “It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” Great work, Dana; keep ’em guessing!

In my opinion, during a global pandemic, there should be one Canadian Pandemic Law that overrules all other freedoms (charter and religious).

This is Dana’s finest moment. Everything else is mere preface by comparison. I’m almost speechless with its tyrannical beauty. In one fell-swoop, with just one ‘law’, we can rule by fiat, by diktat. And those idiotic God-given freedoms, fought for for centuries, can go to hell! I need to compose myself for a moment; excuse me…

I also blame Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for calling an unnecessary, wasteful election which broke the continuity of processes that were in place from the beginning of the pandemic.

As with all speeches, sometimes dissident comments can occur, and sometimes they can be accidental. However, just to be safe, the editor of the Windsor Star has been invited to a meeting in the underground meeting-complex just to see what went wrong. We never blame our leaders, Dana. You were doing so well up until now.

[A]lthough governments across Canada at many levels are causing you some discomfort, you have no clue what it means to lose your freedom until you have lived in countries run by villainous dictators — China, Russia, North Korea, plus some African or Middle Eastern countries to name a few.

Hmm. Dana’s words were inspirational, until the very end. Our glorious leaders in the political and health fields admire many of these countries, and their glorious leaders. Some individuals even have ‘very special’ relationships with them. We can’t call them dictators! I’m afraid we’ll need to invite Dana in as well to thrash this out in a struggle-session.

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