Windsor Star: The Daily Fascist

Commenter: Pat Marrocco, LaSalle

With the official approved correct OneOpinion on the ‘virus narrative’ crumbling faster than a thing that is crumbling quite quickly, I wanted to highlight what has been a bit of a fascistic tradition over these last two years: The Windsor Star’s ‘Comment’ section. Almost every day it seems some right-thinking comrade steps forward to pronounce their indubitable totalitarian bona fides.

Well done to Pat, our first apparatchik, who really hits one out of the Nuremberg Rally Grounds with this nice little piece!

I feel like reality escapes Mr. Jovanovich. We are not imprisoned. Freedoms have not been stripped away, nor has our freedom died.

The freedom to sit inside a restaurant? The freedom to travel? The freedom to breathe freely? The freedom to decide what government product is injected into your body? Good work here by Pat, keeping strictly to the doublethink narrative.

Historically, Canadians are compliant and ready to serve for common causes. Although our war heroes were fighting for freedom, more importantly they fought for what they believed to be a common purpose for the greater global good.

Top marks for Pat here; his use of communist-collective language is outstanding. And a really nice little flourish at the end there with the insertion of ‘global’ into the catch-all mantra, ‘greater good’. Fantastic! And shouldn’t mere citizens, the people who actually own this country, be compliant to their betters in government? Of course! Critical thinkers need not apply, right brother?

The anti-vaxxers are participate in many functions and potentially expose the majority of us to potential infection and further spread of COVID-19. 

The use of ‘desirable language’ is accommodated by Pat here quite splendidly. The correct attitude to people who have doubts and concerns about medical procedures coerced by their government is spot-on: isolate, alienate and name the dissenter! This is the best way to ‘otherize‘ and persecute the officially-despised minority! Keep that blind hatred burning at 451ºF, friend!

Masking and vaccination is not a silver bullet. Presently, they are the best tools available.

Uh-oh! Do I detect a whiff of crimethink? As we know, ‘vaccines’ are the only way out of WHO’s viral pandemic. The only way. Perhaps a little reeducation is required for Pat? After all anti-vaxxer is fine, but anti-best-tools-available? Hmm. A slight hiccup from our socialist friend here.

A common purpose against a common deadly killer is paramount. Primarily, common sense should prevail against this deadly and silent enemy.

A good finish from Pat. As we all know, every good communistic state needs an enemy to focus the people’s anger and frustrations on. Keep those war analogies coming! And never forget who the really enemies are! And it’s not huge multinational pharmaceutical corporations! Hoorah!

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