Wuhan Virus: Irish Health Passports

The pandemic is over; the dystopia is just beginning.

The pandemic in Ireland, such as it is, or was, has certainly morphed over its relatively short, but eventful, history. The infamous Flatten The Curve™ house-arrest took place in March and April, so that (“following the science”) the natural viral infection-cycle and ultimate death-count could be spread out over eleven weeks instead of eight. That seemed reasonable enough.

Well, it did back then.


Five months later, there is no sign of the government returning lost liberties back to the Irish. Quite the opposite in fact. While with the daily death count has been statistically zero for the last three months, the deep biosecurity state has ramped up every conceivable measure of controlling people’s lives. From masks to mandatory quarantine to the forced closure of entire factories, individual cases, not deaths, or even illness, now drive government policy.

One of the many nail-bitingly scary aspects of this new case-driven regime is the concept of Chinese-style surveillance of every citizen, and Ireland is no exception. While many private companies are attempting to jumpstart the Western version of ‘social credit’, with medical data-aggregating and data-sharing systems, national governments are also interested in this dystopian trend.

In effect, if you haven’t had a positive test recently (a year ago, a month ago?) then your Health Passport will turn from green to amber. Once another passage of time elapses (one month, three days?) without renewing your test, you will be in the red zone. Accordingly, your individual access to grocery stores, airports, pharmacies, sports venues — literally anywhere — can be curtailed, and then stopped.

Putting this new case-driven regime in context, about 100 people die every day in Ireland. Since June 1st, 15,000 people have died from all causes. In that same time, just 100 people have died with, or very rarely entire from, the Wuhan virus.

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