Eugenior Joseph: Racial Double Standards – Coffee & Cheesecake

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Who is Eugenior Joseph? Only FoxNews seemed to know.

On April 12th, 2018, two men with dark skin sat in a Philadelphia location of Starbucks waiting for someone. After refusing to make a purchase, as well as asking to use the bathroom, staff politely asked them to leave. They refused. Staff then called the police. The police arrived and then politely asked the men to make a purchase or leave. They refused to do either. The police arrested them, removed them from the premises, and later released them without charge¹.

On My 13th, 2018, Mother’s Day, a black man with dark skin was sitting in a Miami location of Cheesecake Factory with his girlfriend’s family. They all made a purchase. Multiple staff then verbally abused the man, threatened him with violence, called him a ‘nigger’, and booed and mocked him. They left the store. Police had been called, but arrested no one and made no charges².

In today’s America, the media response to these events could not be more pronounced. The first event seems a little harsh, perhaps, but everyone was polite. In the second event, there was intimidation and threats, not politeness. In both cases actions were taken toward men with dark skin sitting in a retail store. For the first event, the story went viral with the media, with an actual in-store, organized demonstration at the Starbuck’s location the very next day. For the next event there was a literal mainstream media blackout.

At this point I suppose it could be pointed out that the man in the Cheesecake Factory was wearing a MAGA hat. But at this point, in what is obviously a dangerously activist media in America, is wearing a hat any ‘point’ at all as to why one story gets exponential coverage, and the other is censored? The day after the Cheesecake Factory event, the victim, Eugenior Joseph, was nowhere to be found anywhere on mainstream media – but he was on FoxNews. I suppose later this week the media will ‘agree’ what their ‘position’ is on this story. But based on their deliberate censorship, I guess we already know.

¹ CNN; Starbucks CEO calls arrest of two black men at Philadelphia store ‘reprehensible’
² DailyWire, Ryan Saavedra; EXCLUSIVE: Cheesecake Factory Employees Attack Black Man For Wearing MAGA Hat, Witnesses Say

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