The Programming Of Cressida Dick

Cressida Dick is the Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police in London, England. In this video she is being questioned by Peter Whittle who is a UK Independence Party politician. The subject is the phenomenon of Muslim family rape gangs that were highlighted in the recent Rotherham scandal, where it was found that hundreds of young non-Muslim girls were being raped by organized family gangs of Muslim men over a twenty year period. The scandal concerned the apparent disregard that the police, social workers, teachers, doctors and politicians had for these girls and their plight. The main aspect of this failure that the Alexis Jay inquiry found was that no one in a position of authority wanted to be seen as ‘racist’, so they actively ignored it and covered it up.

Here, Whittle is asking Dick whether this same phenomenon is occurring in her jurisdiction, the city of London, referring to ‘white girls’ (i.e. non-Muslim girls) being ‘groomed’ (i.e. raped) by ‘Asian men’ (i.e. Muslim men). The necessity to use code words is frustrating, but at least he does highlight that this was most definitely an inter-cultural practice, and he does use the term ‘Muslim’ later on.

Dick’s responses are shocking. She knows what happened in Rotherham. She knows who the perpetrators were, and who the victims were, and that they were two quite specific groups than be identified and described. However, just like the officials in Rotherham, she simply cannot bring herself to state the obvious. All she refers to are ‘girls’, ‘men’, and bizarrely also opines that this activity has been occurring in the United Kingdom since 1517.

I don’t think this phenomenon was invented in the last few years. It really wasn’t. It’s been part of our society for probably centuries and centuries. It’s hard to know what’s really going, what’s changing. [Cressida Dick] @ 2:35

This is a current and definite phenomenon, in the country, but I wouldn’t share your words of describing it. [Cressida Dick] @ 4:20

Whittle rightly points out that it was exactly this attitude of pretending and ‘not using his words’, that is not referring to the problem as Muslim men raping non-Muslim girls, that led to the complicit silence in Rotherham, So here, Dick is apparently repeating the ‘I don’t want to be seen as racist’ line in order to actually cover up and identify the problem.

Anyone observing this phenomenon (active, obvious lying) would be intrigued to understand what is happening. Why is she lying? Who told her to lie? Does she feel she has to lie? What is she trying to achieve by lying? But the same thing can be said, for example, of Prime Minister Theresa May, and countless others, who got up after the Manchester jihadi massacre earlier this year, and felt the need to state, ‘Islam is a religion of peace.’ Why? Why do you feel you have to lie?

When you have so many people, all in positions of authority, all saying and thinking the same way on every subject, you know you have a problem on your hands. There should countless differing viewpoints on every subject under the sun; and yet – exact sameness. One (conspiracy) theory goes that change agents such as Common Purpose are literally programming leaders across state institutions to do exactly this: have the same opinion on everything. Whether this is true or not is at least debatable, but there should be some interest in this utter uniformity of opinion, the utter lack of diversity of viewpoint, and the conformity of thought. It’s creepy, it’s scary and in this particular matter it is getting young girls raped. Again.


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