Bigot Of The Hour: Patrice Peck

GA_Alumni_PatricePeck2Winner: Patrice Peck (racial bigotry)

Obviously, Peck’s ‘article’¹ is mostly targeted click-bait, attracting believers and non-believers alike. And it’s really the key people like Jonah Peretti driving the vehicle, with lowly, untalented staff like Peck simply riding along in the back seat while the correct tunes are blaring away on the sound system. Peck is expected to crank out this racist, bigoted crap. By her employer, yes, but also within a society thoroughly infiltrated by a few anti-white, anti-Western, anti-Christian bigots. The whole notion of European culture being anything other than vile is the sacred-cow false idol to which low-lifes like Peck must prostrate themselves.

The problem is that though few in number, these bigots have enough influence and leverage in our society, and the culture as whole, and this influence is leveraged through the usual-suspect institutions of the media, academia and left-wing politics. Therefore an article listing what white people should stop ruining emerges within a pervasive safe-space, where it will be nurtured, protected and rationalized as needed.

Peck is neither original nor creative; she simple knows what she needs to do to get paid. Creating an article that lists what black people should stop ruining will mean getting fired, social abuse – and no wages. The other way is her normal; it’s what she’s expected to do, and so she does it. Would it be possible for the likes of the Peck’s out there to realize that they are being used as pawns in a game of changing cultures – and then to become good, better people? Maybe; but it looks like a long shot – she’s got to stand up first.

¹ BuzzFeed, Patrice Peck;37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018




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