Is There Enough Tolerance To Go Around?


Jillian, née Jonathan Bearden

Jillian Bearden won the female portion of the 106-mile Tucson Medical Center El Tour de Tucson bicycle competition this weekend¹. The only thing is Jillian is a biological male. But it’s OK: Jillian identifies a female. And Jillian beat all of the other biological females. It’s worth pointing out that Jillian finished 25 minutes behind the winning biological male, who is not ‘transitioning’ at this time as far as we know.

So the question is, will the second-place female in this event be tolerant enough to accept not being the real female winner? Number two, instead of number one? Will there be enough tolerance to go around? And if three boys who identify as girls take the gold, silver and bronze in future competitions, will all the rest of the biological females be tolerant enough to accept receiving no prize at all except for the dreaded participation ribbon? After all that dedication and hard work? We’ll see, won’t we.

Perhaps after a few years of biological males dominating the female portion of sporting events (whilst using the female change-room facilities), it might be time for a rather less-tolerant fourth-wave feminism to rear its ugly head. We’ll see, won’t we.

You go, girl! I think…

¹ Arizona Daily Star, Ezra Amacher; ‘Transgender cyclist is top female finisher at El Tour de Tucson

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