The Game Of Gore


It’s a classic game like Yahtzee! that we’ll be playing (and paying) for generations.

  • Step 1: Spin the ‘Catastrophe Chooser’™ to pick a subject. [Marriage]
  • Step 2: Find something disagreeable about the subject. [Child marriage]
  • Step 3: Choose an aspect of the climate, environment or weather. [Cyclones]
  • Step 4: Choose a random reason. [Expensive meals]
  • Step 5: Attribute it to global warming using a twisted, convoluted argument.

Cyclones caused by global warming causes an increase in child marriages in Bangladesh because families are avoiding buying expensive meals for their young daughters¹.”

  • Step 6: Shout “Gore!!” You’ve won the game!

It’s All Bad, All The Time, For Everything & Everyone, Everywhere! [LL&TNPOS]

¹ WUWT, Eric Worral; ‘Claim: Global Warming Will Cause More Child Marriages

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