The Media’s Total Propaganda Machine

5-white-men-killed-by-police-same-day-as-keith-scott-all-6-had-guns-800x445-1It’s a machine, a well-oiled machine, as they say, a machine that even Slingblade never has to fix. Every event in human affairs must be slotted into its prescribed narrative or it must be hidden from sight. To challenge the narrative, or disclose that which was hidden, is to enrage this machine against you. This story¹ names the five white individuals who did not have black skin but were shot dead by police on the same day that Keith Scott was shot dead by police, who did have black skin.

You must not deviate however from the forced opinion, as there must be consensus and uniformity, that white policemen are executing black men in the streets for no reason except for their inherent racism. No facts, no statistics, no familial circumstances, nothing must be placed in the way of the gospel. Black Lives Matter is such a disgusting, racist and violent organization that it is hard to comprehend how so many otherwise good black, white or otherwise individuals have been totally led down Pravda Boulevard. It does intimate that the media’s total propaganda machine cannot be discounted in any narrative, nor can its ability to mold ‘correct‘ opinion, even when your own senses and sensibilities tell you otherwise.

¹ The Real Strategy, Christopher Kemmet; 5 ‘White People’ Killed By Police Same Day As Keith Scott You Didn’t Hear About

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