German Police & Neo-Nazism


Did Harry Potter Set Off Bombs In Dresden?

We know that the media have a warped sense of when and when not you are supposed to jump to the motives behind a crime. Political narratives, even those made from whole cloth, must be promoted where and when possible.

When a bomb goes off in NYC, the media will brook no speculation whatsoever; even calling a bomb a ‘bomb‘ will be seen as being too hasty and irresponsible. When a black suspect is shot by police in Charlotte however, it must immediately be assumed that this is yet another example of institutional, unconscious, implicit-bias racism by racist law enforcement officers with whitish skin. So, don’t you ever blame a Muslim for blowing up NYC, but, always blame whitey for a police shoot. Got it? No? Too bad.

That’s the media. When the police start acting schizophrenically however you know that the society itself could be on shaky ground. In many ways the police are a bellwether of where a society is going. They represent the political enforcement of morphing laws that parallel societal recognition of morphing social norms, mores, attitudes and culture. More and more throughout Europe we see the effects of attempting to fit sharia norms into Western culture requiring a more and more schizophrenic approach by the police themselves.

This media headline from the UK’s Express seems to be nothing out of the ordinary, But that’s the leftist British media. It’s to be expected. That’s the narrative¹.


Here’s a statement from a Dresden police spokesman where these bombs (can we call them ‘bombs‘ yet?) went off:

Even if we don’t have a claim of responsibility, we have to assume a xenophobic motive. [Dresden police spokesperson]

Wait! What? No suspects? No claim of responsibility? No photographs? No video or audio? No evidence except the ‘bombs‘? The Express is happy to run with its headlines to promote the narrative, now ubiquitous in Europe, that Germans, or any European aboriginals for that matter, who (politically) fight back against the enforcement of Islamic sharia into their culture must be neo-Nazis. They have to be. They must be. And they will be.

The police though: “We have to assume…?” To have their own police forces running the same fabricated narrative is a bleak and scary sign of the times for Germany; it makes you wonder who the neo-Nazis really are.

¹ Express, Monika Pallenberg & Allan Hall; ‘Merkel backlash? Neo-Nazis behind two huge terror bombs at Dresden mosque

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