Bigot Of The Hour: Ibtihaj Muhammad

IbtihajMuhammad_qualified_800x400Winner:  Ibtihaj Muhammad (racial bigotry; ethnic bigotry; religious bigotry)

Well done to Ibtihaj who has done a great job, on the world stage, to show how athletes should not be proud of their country but instead should despise the very flag emblazoned on their shirts. Actually, the vast and overwhelming majority of athletes are deeply proud to compete for their country; it seems that only Western countries must hate themselves under the cryptic Star Chamber rules that govern’s today’s strange, new society.

To this woman all we can say is stop the hate¹ and try to represent one of the most tolerant places on earth with at least a little pride. When you stand next to some poor schmuck from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somlia, China, and so on, one hellhole for human rights after another, think how fantastic America truly is. If you can.

¹ Debbie Shlussel


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