Socialist Picture Of The Day!

103762813_Armed-police-france-nice-terror-NEWS-large_trans++rlGZCAs0f1opXMM-AqxRftiGFsCo8PypwxwJWT-03wsEnglish people visiting ‘the continent‘ (Europe) in the before times would often send postcards sending the sentiment, “Wish You Were Here”. Naturally, depending on the sender and recipient, the sentiment could be a yearning for an absent person to be close by, or, bluntly said, “Look where we are loser!” Alas, those before times are indeed very before, so this type of sentiment could have hilarious or homicidal¬†inflections given today’s situation in New New France. In any case, enjoy your French vacation. Pose with a heavily-armed gendarme at the beach! Scurry away from a sudden jihadi¬†attack at a local disco! Place teddy bears and chocolates at a popular POI after the latest Islamic atrocity! Vive la France!

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