It’s My Right As A Man To Abort My Baby

Thankfully for progressive politicians, 100% strangeness is intact. And strange it is [see here]. Somehow science¬†will find a way to change every cell in your male body to have female chromosomes, a full DNA structural change no less. Then we will find a way to insert a womb into your previously-male body somewhere between your stomach and the place where your testicles used to be. Then we will build ovaries and the necessary reproductive equipment and accessories necessary to gestate a fetus. Then you have a meaningful 10-day relationship with a women’s studies student from Canada. Then your amazingly transformed body will start to grow a baby. And then you can decide that it was just a bad idea to get pregnant, that this is a non-relationship, and any way a baby would complicate my life right now…

And now all I can do is hand it over to the Monty Python boys.


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