Precious Snowflake Of The Week: Masood Syed

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Winner: Masood Syed (Category: Fear of having no facial hair)

Precious snowflake: someone who finds the most innocuous aspects of everyday life so daunting that they get unduly emotional about them: outrage, fear, anger, narcissism and feigned confusion being common traits.

Well done to Masood (if that is his name) for displaying his precious snowflake tendencies for all the world to see. His irrational fear of hair length less than 1 millimetre in length is a very important issue it seems. However to him it is of no great import cracking the cheekbones of panhandlers or making sure his gun is made secure from theft. Nope, it’s all about the beard for Mr. Syed [see here].

Being able to wear SCBA equipment on a clean-shaven face is an obvious public safety matter, but not so much for our cheeky, itchy-faced buttercup apparently. One trait of the precious snowflake is their narcissism; sure, but at the cost of public safety? And when your job promotes public safety ahead of your ‘fweewings‘ why do such a snow-flakey type of thing [rhetorical: right, CAIR¹]?

At this time it is unclear whether Masood is petrified of using the Philips Turbo 5000 electric razor (with its MultiPrecision Blade System©), whether he shakes in his sandals at the thought of placing an air mask over his face, or whether he’s just butt-ugly underneath, but what is clear is that real men put public safety first, second and third.

Grow up, and try and be a man, Masood [ironical: right, CAIR]?


¹ CAIR, or the Council on American-Islamic Relations, our friendly (and litigiously busy) Muslim Brotherhood front group.

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