Precious Snowflake Of The Week: Shamrez Razaq

PORK-roll-2_2801865aWinner: Shamrez Razaq (Category: Fear of labelling errors on packaged pastry goods)

Precious snowflake: someone who finds the most innocuous aspects of everyday life so daunting that they get unduly emotional about them: outrage, fear, anger and confusion being common traits.

Well done to Shamrez (if that is his name) for displaying his precious snowflake tendencies for all the world to see. An intriguing part of this precious snowflake’s story is that he says he had to fly into action, like Superman himself, in order to swipe the harmful pastry good out of his brother’s eager mouth [see here].

Mr. Razaq clearly doesn’t understand the concept of ‘forgive & forget’. Instead, this precious snowflake calls this mis-filling of his tasty pastry product an “unforgivable” act. Unforgivable: got that? A damning indictment indeed from a delicate, precious snowflake.

Let’s hope that Mr. Razaq’s emotions don’t transition¬†into a sudden jihad syndrome situation. Fretful pastry purchaser to angry jihadi: there’s no knowing what hungry precious snowflakes will do next..!





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